Gantimpala is a small seed-sharing project between the Filipino gardeners of instagram. Our objective is to inspire people by showing them how much fun we’re having and by proving that gardening really is a gift that keeps on giving. As an additional bonus, we’ll get to meet new gardening friends!

The name Gantimpala was inspired from the gardening shovel – which is also part of the adventure. Each participant will get Gantimpala in the mail along with a packet of seeds. They are then required to share a picture on Instagram while using Gantimpala, and to share a gardening secret in the caption. They will then pass on Gantimpala and a packet of seed to the next participant.

Welcome to the page if you are a participant, and if you’re not and you want to participate then feel free to join us in the next cycle! Watch out for the updates over at my Instagram account (@artsynanay).

!Gantimpala Membership Form:

Gantimpala 2017 Participant List

  • @artsynanay
  • @chigardener
  • @farmersach
  • @gojoola
  • @astheysay_pia
  • @karlagene_
  • @organicallyfaithful
  • @joysuxx
  • @cebugardener
  • @containergardeningmnl
  • @siling_bearguy
  • @ozhuergas
  • @vinoriarte
  • @tyrellimperiallopez
  • @chickrock
  • @momofriri
  • @jennycarryon
  • @stoicshea
  • @halamanhalaman
  • @mygreenthumbph
  • @filipina_vegan
  • @jennyuy
  • @foragingalien
  • @kissel0318
  • @highheelstohikingboots
  • @whereisrhythm
  • @singbernicesing
  • @nimbus.number9
  • @litelgardener
  • @thegubatproject
  • @teen_urbangardener

Gantimpala 2017 Mechanics

  1. It is not required, but it would be awesome to follow all of the participants of the Gantimpala project.
  2. Each member will be listed in this document, and later on, at the Gantimpala page of the ArtsyNanay blog. No addresses or other personal information will be posted to ensure the safety and privacy of the participants.
  3. Each member will be required to share their mailing address to the admin (me) and to the previous member in charge of sending the seeds over through DM. It would be nice to indicate the type of seeds that you’d love to grow but the sender is not required to share these seeds if they don’t have the access to them.
  4. The Gantimpala members list above will determine the order of the seed-sharing project.
  5. A member will be responsible of sending Gantimpala to the next listed member. He or she must send out at least one (1) packet of seeds along with the group’s garden shovel, Gantimpala. This member will be responsible of shouldering the courier expenses. It would be nice to indicate if the seeds have been saved or purchased.
  6. Once received, write your Instagram name on the handle of the shovel and post at least one (1) picture of you using it on your Instagram account. Don’t forget to share a gardening secret on your post!
  7. Each post should be marked with our hashtag #Gantimpala and #Gantimpala2017. After doing so, you may proceed in sending it to the next member listed. This will continue until the list comes into a full circle.

Written by Virna Pamela J. Odiver-Aricheta
(@artsynanay) December 2016

Revisions courtesy of @siling_bearguy.