Hey there, how are you guys doing? This Sunday marks the very first Soulful Sunday post ever. It’s part of my new regular series of posts. Every Sunday, I will be compiling all the posts about soulful living that I have posted on Instagram throughout the week.

As those who have followed me for quite a while on Insta would know, I used to be an admin of Wellthly in the past – a magazine on soulful and holistic living on Instagram. Alas, my schedule did not permit me to continue very long…but I wouldn’t let that keep me from posting soulful posts now, would it? So here we are…

For the first series of posts, I will be talking about Visualization, and later on, share easy yet powerful visualization exercises for you to try. Enjoy!

One of the most important things to first get comfortable with in the world of #soulfulliving is #visualization. It’s a wonderful power of the #mind, visualization, and you need to be able to trust it in some of the most crucial #meditationexercises I’ll be sharing with you.


This is probably one of the most challenging parts of visualization, and to be honest, I still struggle with it every once in a while. #Imagination, after all, is visualization’s twin brother. They both project images in your mind, but the main differences are 1. Imagination is ALMOST ENTIRELY your own mind’s projection, while effective visualization can project #mentalimages from external sources. Hence 2. You simply can’t “imagine” visualization away no matter how hard you try.

Quick tip: If you’re still not used to visualization, you can actually try to imagine it away. If it’s real, if it sticks, then it is simply not your imagination’s doing anymore. I have tried that trick a HUNDRED times before I got comfortable in trusting the #magic of #visualizing.

I can still remember the very first #visualization exercise my husband made me do like it was just yesterday. And now I’m going to share the experience with you today!
Close your eyes and picture your favorite #fruit floating in front of you. For me it was an #apple.
Try to be as detailed as you can. It is twirling in the air, spinning round and round. Then it stops. Pluck it from the air, hold it in your hand. Smell it. Its scent fills you. Now take a big juicy bite out of it. Relish the sound it makes. Make the taste swirl inside your mouth. You salivate. It’s delicious. You wipe its juice from the corners of your mouth. You take another look at it. It has a big bite on it now. Continue eating and looking at it as you go, until you finish yout fruit.

Congratulations! You’ve just finished your first #visualizationprompt. Now, excuse me as I help myself for a real slice of fruit…hehe. Judging on how effective your #exercise went, you might be craving for fruit right now too. I know I am!


#RobertJordan, pardon me for fan-girling, is one of the best #fantasy #authors of all time. In fact, his #TheWheelOfTime #bookseries is a good read if #magick and #soulfulliving interests you. He even has two potent #visualizationexercises in the series – both of which I will share with you today.

The first would be the #flame and the #void, used by #RandAlThor in the book whenever he wants to channel #saidin. The term for the male #magicalenergy in the #WOT world. Here’s how it’s done:

Close your eyes. #Visualize the #void, a vast empty and dark space. Then, in the middle of the void is a single flame. Allow me to quote Robert Jordan himself. “Concentrate on the single flame and feed all your passions into it – #fear, #hate, #anger – until your #mind becomes empty. Become one with the void.”

And that’s it. A bit more challenging than the first one I shared with you, right?

Finally, there’s…


As I’ve shared with you above, #Robert Jordan has two potent #visualizationprompts in #TheWheelOfTime series. I have already shared with you the first one, the #flameand the #void. For reference, that could be found in p.5 of the first book in the series,#TheEyeOfTheWorld. The second prompt, the one I’ll be sharing with you today may be found in the second book,#TheGreatHunt, p.207.

Here it goes. Again, I’ll be quoting#RobertJordan on this one.

“Close your eyes. Empty yourself. Empty your thoughts. There is only one thing in your #mind. The bud of a #flower. Only that. Only the bud. You can see it in every detail. You can smell it. You can feel it. Every vein of every leaf, every curve of every petal. You can feel the sap pulsing. Feel it. Know it. Be it. You and the bud are the same. You are one. You are the bud.”

Now it’s probably worth mentioning that the #flame and the #void is meant for men and the #flower is meant for women. Specifically for reaching out to#saidar, the female #magicalenergy in the #WOT world. But hey, there’s no discrimination of genders here. If you’re a dude and totally comfortable with this activity, then good for you. I for one, have done the flame and the void myself and have had no problems. And that’s it! By the way, I will be starting a new series of posts this week (on Instagram) – The Basics of #Meditation. Feel free to follow my Instagram account to never miss a post!

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