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Every once in a while I get inspired with the typography I see online and it drives me to create awesome quotes and other kinds of graphics. Seeking to inspire others and share my works, I offer these quotes as free printables. While these are my original creations, I would like to acknowledge that I use the works of other artists who offer their graphics and fonts either for free or not. Due credit is given below.

Eye Of The World Quote

For this Friday, I actually got two in store for you, both Eye Of the World-themed since I just posted my review for that yesterday. The art I used is by Darrell Sweet from the book’s cover itself. This is for personal use only and no copyright infringement intended.

Eye Of The World Bookmark

Thanks for downloading!

Eye-Of-The-World-Bookmark.pdf (37 downloads)
Eye-Of-The-World-Quote.pdf (36 downloads)


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