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I’m Virna and this blog is my creative resting space on the internet. I am an artsy mommy blogger from the Philippines and this is where I share my thoughts, passions, and experiences to people – like you!

For those who are not familiar, “Nanay” is the Filipino word for mother. I have gone through a lot in life but becoming a mother is probably the most important and difficult thing that has ever happened to me. It changed me entirely. I had a very complicated pregnancy and after I gave birth, last January 2015, I suffered from a seizure disorder and was in a coma for ten days. I almost died. In fact, I think I did, because when I finally woke up, it felt like I was reborn. Yes, my body hurt like hell. There were pipes inserted everywhere: down my throat, my nose, even down there! But I didn’t care. I was just too happy to be alive.

And that was the turning point.

I told myself that if I was able to get out of that place, that hospital that had served as my home for months (I was confined for the last three months of my pregnancy, in full bed rest, not allowed to stand even to poop or pee), I will do something meaningful in my life. I will not settle for less anymore. I will not waste my time on the things that will make me unhappy. I’ll start living soulfully and just be happy to be alive.I knew I had to do something about my dreams of becoming an artist and a writer.

And so, here we are.

This blog will chronicle this journey. Let’s see where this path will lead. Care to join me? Along the way, I will be talking about art, writing, motherhood, and how to incorporate soulful living into daily life.
Let's Go

Outside of Artsy Nanay, I am also a student (I am currently finishing my MA degree in Art History at the University of the Philippines), a novelist (check out my on-going dystopian novel Sinag. It’s in Filipino though), and the Founder and Content Editor of the content creation company, Wit Ink.